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This is the home to all the drink specials, cheap drinks and happy hours that Brisbane and the Gold Coast have to offer.

About Us

We don't mind telling you that here at Happy Hour Prices, we don't mind a drink after a hard day's slog. And over the years, we've collected a fair few locales where a cheap tipple can be sought. But rather than keep all these hot spots to ourselves, we've decided to share them with you. That's right, you. 

And let's also raise a glass to some of the local watering spots that put these specials on. It's often a hard act being a small or medium business owner. Often these specials are put on to stimulate trade in quiet or tough times. So let's go out there and help them out so we can keep our local bar scene vibrant and strong. 

However, there's a bit of a caveat here. We're none too keen on some of the nonsense that sometimes comes with a night out. You know the thing. Glassings, brawls, and other shabby behaviour. So, if a venue has been classified as 'High Risk', you're never going to find a listing for it here.


The Happy Hour Prices Crew